Battlefield LiveAn exciting, authentic combat system using sophisticated gaming guns.


Battlefield Live is outdoor combat gaming at its best!  The state of the art guns are totally safe and are utilised by Royal Marine Commandos for tactical combat training.

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What happens on the day?

Cadets are deployed to Base Camp where the Commanding Officer gives the briefs on objectives and safety requirements. Cadets are provided with camouflage clothing, face paint and a selection of weaponry. The mission commences and each 'Company' battles in a game of strategy, quick thinking, and above all fun! When one of the recruits fails to complete the mission and has used all lives given the gun will deactivate, allowing no room for cheats! The ammunition is artificial so unlimited firing. Tough terrain provides a superb, realistic experience, and cadets discover a variety of shelters both natural and man-made to ensure cover from opposing fire. Combat games mirror military scenarios to ensure a real military combat experience. Communication, skill, strategy, and teamwork are key to success and ultimately defeating the opposition. Unlike Paintball, there's no pain or bruising, and no heavy padding or sweaty face masks to wear. The guns are the most realistic simulation weapons available!  Gun feedback in real-time provides immediate adrenaline and special effects thrill players!

Who is it for?

Battlefield Live is enjoyed by all ages. Suitable for very unique Birthday Parties, Stag & Hen Parties, and Corporate Events!

Pricing, times and duration

From £30pp for a group session including some ammunition. Sessions are available on weekdays and weekends (price varies by location and group size).

Minimum Group Size: 10

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