Thinking about booking an activity for your event this Autumn/Winter? Here at Simply Good Times, we like to offer helpful and precise information about the events you will be participating in, so we like to get involved as well. One of our team went out this weekend for a spot of Clay Pigeon Shooting with her friends:

IMG 4489 IMG 44889:40am: 
We arrive at the Activity Centre (dressed head to toe in garish country gear e.g. Barber, Timberlands and Hunter clothing – a shocking mix-match) to be greeted by several Activity Coordinators, where we sign in and get a run down of the activities we will be doing. We arrived a little ahead of schedule, so we’re pointed in the direction of the Café Restaurant. One of the barns has been renovated into this large café, which is able to facilitate for when they’re busy at a more sociable hour *sips my double shot Chai Latte*. I choose the home-made Carrot Cake, my friends - the Coffee and Walnut Cake. There are plenty of other foods to choose from like Sandwiches, Soups and even a Full-English Breakfast. These can be pre-paid for through us before your event.

We head back to Registration, feeling slightly more energised, and head towards the woodland. This is where we are going to be shooting our Clays and practising our targeting skills. We enter a really sweet little clearing, with several wooden sheds dotted around. These are where the Clays are shot out of. We are then given step-by-step Health and Safety instructions and also guidance on how to use the guns and shoot correctly. Time to get going. I kindly nominated my friends to go first.

The idea of Clay Pigeon Shooting is to aim at a moving object, so there are Clays that shoot overhead, back and forth, side to side and across the floor (called rabbits).

IMG 4539 IMG 450311:20am: 
We’ve all had a go at shooting, and some are better than others *cough*. While one person is shooting, my friend and I stand in the shelter and take photos. HINT: If you have the option for slow-motion Videos on your phone, this is really good fun to use! We only have a few Clays left, so once the last has been shot, we take our bags and walk through the woods again. We were lucky that the weather had been clear, but I would be very happy to come back should it be a rainy day in winter.

IMG 4528 IMG 4579As the Activity Centre is set within the Countryside, it’s really not very hard to find a local pub for a Roast dinner afterwards, however, if you are doing several activities throughout the day the Café Restaurant is fantastic for lunch!

London Clay Pigeon Shooting prices start at £49pp. 

Please click here to make an enquiry, or call 01273 573824.