Simply Good Times organised a team-bonding afternoon out for brilliant web design team Code7 last Friday, and were lucky enough to be invited too! The afternoon was great fun. Thanks guys!

Located close to Brighton yet nestled deep in Sussex countryside the awesome venue selected is perfectly secluded and enclosed by dense woodland – ideal for adventure sport! The guys opted to try a brand-new all-action multi-activity package including Blindfold 4x4 Driving, Axe & Knife Throwing, Archery, and Target Rifles. The activities were really light-hearted, competitive, fun and a perfect way to blow off steam on a Friday afternoon!

If you would like to do this with your own team then please click here to view the full information.

Blindfold 4x4 Driving: Drive a 4x4 round a set course in the quickest possible time! Sounds easy? It probably would be, except you’ll be blindfolded and relying on the rest of your team to guide your driving. Certain words will be banned, like LEFT & RIGHT, so you’ll need to be creative when giving directions!

Axe & Knife Throwing: After brief Axe & Knife Throwing training with an expert test your new skills in a competition between your team. Axe & Knife Throwing is surprisingly easy to pick up, and you should get the weapons into the target within the first five or so throws, yet very difficult to become consistently good at!

Target Rifles: After selecting your weapons you’ll be taught how to shoot! At all times you’ll be closely observed and encouraged to improve your target shooting ability. At the end of the session you’ll be given your peppered target to be scored and take home as a souvenir.

Archery: Archery on a purpose-built covered range with a choice of bows, arrows and target games! The session includes full bow instruction and a safety briefing with training from experts before competition arrows and fun challenges like Archery Tennis!