As Event Planners, we are always busy with Birthdays, Corporate Events and Stag and Hen Do's. Alongside organising these parties, we also specialise in themed events and Halloween is just one of them. Halloween is our absolute favourite time of year - any excuse to scare the neighbours! 

Here are five spooky ideas for Halloween-themed Events that are great fun for this season!

Ha6 Ha5Murder Mystery in a Haunted House + Dinner
Looking for something to combine dinner and evening activities? This event is incredibly popular for Stag and Hen Parties, Corporate or Family Gatherings. Why not hire out a spooky venue for dinner and have the actors come to you. The classic Murder Mystery event with two professional actors (one male and one female) involves audience participation during the 'larger-than-life' theatre performance to make up the cast and so that everyone feels part of the plot as events unfold. There are lots of quick costume changes and 'doubling-up' of characters which adds to the energy and fun. Prizes of bubbly and chocolates are provided for the various winners at the end of the night.

Spooky Tablet Treasure Hunt
Suited for larger groups (ideally no less than 12x), this event is a 21st Century spin on the original pen and paper treasure hunts. Set in a variety of locations, and with ability to customise your Treasure Hunt, this is the perfect outing for Halloween. Include scary locations, graveyards, monuments, haunted houses, derelict buildings and even the fancy dress shop! The choice is yours.

Ha8 Ha10Ghost Walks
This activity is not just seasonal, it runs all year round in the UK's oldest cities and allows you to step back in time and view the City like you've never seen it before. The walk includes numerous macabre tales of brutal murders, hideous apparitions, boisterous poltergeists, wandering nuns and world-famous murder scenes. Actors perform in full Victorian attire, complete with Gladstone bag, containing a few surprises! Perfect for that evening stroll just before your dinner/night out! 

Zombie Apocalyptic Challenge
Organising a Corporate Event around Halloween, or your Stag wants something a little bit more horrifying than regular Clay Pigeon Shooting? We have the perfect combination! The whole activity takes place over 4hrs and you are equipped with Assault Rifles (30 shots), Axes, Bow and Arrows, and Crossbows. The idea of the game is to shoot Zombie targets and accumulate more points than the rest of your team.

Ha11 Ha12Zombie Airsoft
What other way to get absolutely terrified while playing Airsoft? Perfect for Halloween, but this is by no means the only time of year to do this. Military reports indicate an Zombie outbreak in your area. Initiate containment protocols and get out of there! Your post-apocalyptic mission starts with a military-style briefing and run down on equipment use. The aim of the mission is to survive 3 hours of Zombie Infested Bunkers without catching the deadly infection.