Bournemouth ZorbingBournemouth extreme Zorbing is a real rush!


Adrenaline Sports really don't get much more extreme than this as riders are harnessed into a 3 metre inflatable ball and pushed down the purpose crafted Zorbing hill!

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What happens on the day for Bournemouth Zorbing?

The Bournemouth Zorbing run is no normal hill! The hill has been sculpted especially for the ultimate Zorbing experience! Dug out the bottom and the soil put at the top for a steeper start, steps cut into the middle of the run, and all this before a sudden drop finish! You'll both be safely secured into the new style, suspended seat harnesses, opposite each other before being launched down the Zorbing run. Revolving head over heels, gaining speed with every revolution, land and sky merge into one as you feel almost weightless. The thrill is intoxicating and totally unique. If you want to stitch up your friend then quietly ask about the extra amusing cold shower!

Who is Bournemouth Zorbing for?

Stag & Hen Parties in Bournemouth looking for an ultimate adrenaline thrill. Corporate Groups wanting to give their guests a truly unforgettable and thrilling experience!

Location Information

Located only moments from Bournemouth at an awesome venue in picturesque countryside. We can arrange return minibus transport for your Zorbing event for around £10 - £15pp depending on your group size. Accommodation is also available for groups in great country house venues near the Zorbing venue, or in central Bournemouth. Please contact us for details.

Pricing, times and duration for Bournemouth Zorbing

From £25pp for one harness roll.

Minimum Group Size: 6

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