Brighton Murder MysteryBrilliant Brighton Murder Mysteries! Solve the clues and win the day!


Brighton Murder Mystery events provide top quality entertainment, with tongues firmly in cheeks, combining fantastic and engaging plots with real fun and laughter. Hosted by professional actors in character at some of the city's finest and most exclusive private dining rooms (or a venue of your choice), everyone has the opportunity to get involved as guests play some of the key roles!

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What happens on the day for Brighton Murder Mystery?

The scene is set, the tables are laid, the wine is chilled and the last thing we need now is for one of the guests to drop down dead with a knife in their back! You'll be glad to know that the event isn't about stuffy, serious sleuthing - just rip-roaring fun. Your group becomes a team tasked with solving the case. Some clients like to make it a themed evening with everyone dressed around the murderous theme; however the event works just as well without fancy dress! Our team work your guests into the plot and needless to say whoever is the main focal point for the event becomes the focus of some jokes through the evening! A few weeks before we'll send you a character sheet so that you can decide 'who's who' and organise (optional) costumes.

The classic Brighton Murder Mystery event with two professional actors (one male and one female) involves audience participation during the 'larger-than-life' theatre performance to make up the cast and so that everyone feels part of the plot as events unfold. There are lots of quick costume changes and 'doubling-up' of characters which adds to the energy and fun. Prizes of bubbly and chocolates are provided for the various winners at the end of the night.

Who is Brighton Murder Mystery for?

Large murders, small murders, mass corporate slaughters, hen night horrors, and deadly birthday dinners are all available in Brighton! There are various thrilling and fun plots to choose from to suit all occasions, so please make an event enquiry now to start your murder mystery adventure.

Location Information

Brighton Murder Mystery Events usually take place around a three course meal in an atmospheric private dining room at a number of the city's finest restaurants, though if you have a venue arranged already or a different format in mind then we can work round your plans.

Pricing, times and duration for Brighton Murder Mystery

As an example; the classic 3 hour two-actor Murder Mystery with 25x guests costs from only £30pp. Price varies by murder package and group size. Please call or make an event enquiry for more details. (One-actor Murders available for small groups).

Minimum Group Size: 8

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