Brighton Tablet Treasure HuntAwesome Brighton treasure hunt using the latest cutting edge tablet technology.


The traditional treasure hunt concept has been re-imagined for the 21st Century utilising cutting-edge GPS and tablet technology to create the awesome Brighton Tablet Treasure Hunt! This hi-tech event includes a huge variety of engaging clues, trivia, plus hilarious photo challenges at Brighton landmarks, and it's great fun for groups.

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What happens on the day for Brighton Tablet Treasure Hunt?

Teams each receive a Samsung Galaxy Tablet pre-loaded with their unique Brighton event trail and packed with a range of features to engage and entertain. During the hunt your tablet's Google Maps interface pinpoints all team's locations and provides directions to challenges – the race is on! Advanced GPS technology tracks your progress only activating questions or challenges once you're in a specific location in the city, which means no cheating and plenty of surprises! Earn points for correct answers and penalties if you're wrong! A live scoreboard on the tablet interface constantly updates teams on each other's progress building competition and excitement throughout the game. Experienced staff will be on hand to deliver an uplifting briefing, coordinate teams, and prepare challenge data for the hilarious results finale.

Who is Brighton Tablet Treasure Hunt for?

Primarily aimed at corporate groups looking for an inspiring team building/bonding experience the Brighton Tablet Treasure Hunt is also great fun for private events such as Stag & Hen Parties celebrating in the city. In addition to the extremely cool standard Tablet Treasure Hunt outlined above various bespoke content is available for the personal touch! For example; you can add your designs or logo to the Treasure Hunt app. You can even add in your own questions and bespoke challenges to integrate your own event theme. The Treasure Hunt app has been designed to be very user-friendly and uses internationally recognised symbols on the app instead of English words where possible, so is suitable for non-English speakers.

Location Information

Taking in famous landmarks including the famous Seafront, Palace Pier, Lanes, and Royal Pavilion the Brighton Tablet Treasure Hunt brings the city to life in an exciting way. Prior to the event we'll work with you to tailor arrangements and we'll even plan your transport, accommodation, and group restaurant bookings in Brighton.

Pricing, times and duration for Brighton Tablet Treasure Hunt

Brighton Tablet Treasure Hunt
First 20 participants £75 + VAT
Next 30 participants £55 + VAT
Remaining participants £45 + VAT

Minimum Number: 12 (we recommend that your group is divided into teams of 4 - 6 participants)

Tablet Treasure Hunts timings can be tailored to suit your requirements. Please contact us to discuss the range of great challenge theme options on offer.

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