DodgeballPlay an epic game of Dodgeball for your event, available across the UK!


Inspired by the American Sport and made popular by the film ‘Dodgeball’, play various Dodgeball-inspired games at venues across the UK

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What happens on the day?

Upon arrival, your group will receive a quick briefing on the games’ rule, how to effective dodge the balls and throw like a pro! You’ll then be split into two or three groups to take part in a quick tournament to get acquainted with the rules and a practise with the attack and defence moves. After the heart is pumping and the muscles are stretched, it’s on to play various games such as Bulldog, Tag, Last Man/Woman Standing and an original game of Dodgeball. Whether this is your first time playing this sport, or you want to reminisce your school play times, Dodgeball is suited for all ages and experiences and can be played as soft or as hard as you like!

Who is it for?

Ideal as part of a Stag and Hen Weekend, or as part of a Corporate Team Building day, our Dodgeball Games cater for various group sizes to ensure the best of fun!

Pricing, times and duration

Costs start from £29pp for 1hr of activities. Extended times available. Please enquire for more details.
Minimum Group Size 10x

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