KitebuggyA new extreme sport that's perfect for the British climate. Try Kitebuggying!


Powered by nature you wouldn't expect Kite Buggies to be so extreme! The acceleration just from the wind is breathtaking, and they are capable of 50mph, without a motor! Kite Buggying is great fun once the controls are mastered and provides a real sense of achievement through working in harmony with nature, much like Sailing! Buggies can be run on a number of surfaces including grass, sand, ice and tarmac. Sand is best for beginners as it is most forgiving!

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What happens on the day?

Kitebuggy courses are designed to get a person moving the buggy from point A to point B and back again. We teach you to set up and pack up your kit and have a full understanding of how the sport works, sending you away able to go out by yourself and enjoy the sport. The courses are tailored to progress riders as far as possible in a session. You'll leave with the ability to safely cruise a buggy round your local beach without tying yourself in a knot!

Who is it for?

Kitebuggying for Stag, Hen or Corporate Entertainment days always goes down well!

Pricing, times and duration

From £40pp for a three hour group session (longer for large groups). Sessions are available on weekdays and weekends (price varies by location and group size).

Minimum Group Size: 6

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