Nottingham ArcheryShoot multiple targets with Bow and Arrows in the heart of Robin Hood country


Archery is a challenging and engaging precision sport which requires a steady hand, calm nerves, and great aim! Archery is an engaging event as a standalone experience, and can be teamed with some other country pursuits for a top Multi-Activity Day

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What happens on the day for Nottingham Archery?

Nottingham Archery is taught by friendly, qualified instructors in a stunning countryside venue just outside Central Nottingham. Archery sessions start with an introduction to the standard equipment to be used during the experience and once familiarised with their equipment, guests are given the opportunity to 'get their eye in' with some simple close target practice. As Archers skills improve the targets are moved further and further away, and guests are often amazed that before long they are hitting targets accurately and regularly from distance. Once Archers are confident with their new found abilities it's on to a friendly competition between guests with prizes for top shots, and forfeits!

Who is Nottingham Archery for?

Nottingham Archery is immensely popular as part of a Multi-Activity Day for adventurous Corporate Groups and Stag & Hen Parties.

Location Information

Set in Nottinghamshire Countryside, and within 40 minutes’ drive of Nottingham, we are able to provide return Minibus transport to and from the Centre. Prices can vary so please ask for a quote.

Pricing, times and duration for Nottingham Archery

From £25pp for a one hour group session (longer for large groups). Sessions are available on weekdays and weekends (price varies by location and group size).

Minimum Group Size: 8

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