Tank DrivingExperience the thrill of driving tanks; including crushing cars!


Drive military vehicles, ploughing through mud, powering up hills, taking humps and bumps and even double parking a tank! The Tank & Military Machine Driving event provides an exciting taster into ex-military vehicles and you will have the opportunity to drive a range of vehicles from the powerful selection.

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What happens on the day?

All guests receive full driving tuition in the reassuring company of our friendly and experienced instructors, some of whom served in the Army and have interesting stories to tell. The ratio of guests to vehicles is set to keep all participants pleasantly busy throughout the session.

Who is it for?

Unforgettable adrenaline fueled days that will entertain and excite anyone! Tank Driving, Car Crushing and other army and armoured vehicle experiences are loved by individuals, corporate groups, plus Stag & Hen parties!

Pricing, times and duration

From £90pp for a group session usually around three hours (full days available). Sessions are available on weekdays and weekends (price varies by location and group size).

Minimum Group Size: 6

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