Antique WeaponsGet a taste of the past and learn a new skill in a delightful country setting.


Try your hand at some historic activities with the Antique Weapon Experience. Activities include expert, friendly instruction and any safety equipment needed.

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What happens on the day?

Activities available include Axe & Knife Throwing, Mortar/Cannon Firing, Musket Shooting, and Black Powder Shooting. Guests can choose a single activity or combine two or more together for a top Multi-Activity Day. Simply Good Times can take care of everything, including catering, accommodation, and transport if required.

Axe/Knife Throwing
Put your skills to the test and aim true with this exciting challenge. Hit the target with a variety of native Indian hunting weapons, tomahawks and throwing knives and trade hits for points. It is fair to say this activity is more about relaxation and rhythm than brute strength, surprisingly easy to pick up but tricky to become consistently good at.

Historic combat comes to life with this action-packed team activity.

Musket Shooting
Using  replica Muskets learn to load and fire a paintball at the infantryman target, can you avoid moving when the flash in the pan occurs and keep your aim.

Black Powder Shooting
Shoot an assortment of sporting & military guns that use black powder, learn to load and shoot percussion & flint guns at a variety of replica targets.

Who is it for?

Extremely popular with Stag Parties bored with the much favoured Stag Party activity Clay Pigeon Shooting. The Antique Weapon Experience also makes a Corporate Event to remember!

Pricing, times and duration

From £30pp for a one hour group session (longer for large groups). Sessions are available on weekdays and weekends (price varies by location and group size).

Minimum Group Size: 6

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