Bristol SegwaysA unique way of travelling incorporated into an awesome Bristol group activity


Riding a Segway feels like you're gliding through the air. Travelling at speeds up to 12mph and with complete control over the Bristol terrain, Segways are amazing pieces of technology which mirror even the slightest movement of its rider to ensure you remain in complete control.

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What happens on the day for Bristol Segways?

Bristol Segway sessions start with a safety briefing followed by a 'getting to know the basics' lesson on a Segway where guests master the controls learning to move, stop, reverse, turn, accelerate, slalom, mount and dismount. Then riders are let loose on either a technical or safari style course, and each member of the group receives a score at the end of their run based on skill and style.

Riders must negotiate bumps and ruts, mastering rough terrain whilst powering through sweeping bends, and all the time keeping the Segway in full control to conquer the challenging circuits. Once guests tame the Segway some healthy group competition ensues on a point-to-point, against the clock race. In true rally style, time is off the essence... quickest contender wins, simple.

Who is Bristol Segways for?

Bristol Segways are brilliant fun for people of all ages and abilities, perfect for Corporate Events, Family Fun Days, plus Stag & Hen Parties. With a minimum age of 12 and no maximum age, it is an experience that everyone can enjoy.

Location Information

The Segway venue is located around 30 minutes from Bristol with return minibus transfers available from /to any city address (please ask for a quote upon enquiring).

Pricing, times and duration for Bristol Segways

From £49pp for sessions around an hour (longer for bigger groups). Sessions are available on weekdays and weekends.

Minimum Group Size: 6

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