Large Yacht SailingSail on large boats including Catamarans and 68' Clipper Yachts.


Taught by professional sailors, guests, some of whom have never sailed before, soon learn to work together and become a cohesive sailing team. Discover the excitement of yacht racing when you charter two or more of identical yachts, or large catamarans.

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What happens on the day?

The morning training session will focus on coaching from our professional skipper and crew who show demonstrate the equipment on board, deliver a safety briefing and teach the basic principles of sailing, all the while encouraging guests to get hands on and sail the boat themselves. After the morning training the team should be forming well, with each member becoming comfortable with the tasks needed to keep the yacht making good ground. Each team member should be learning how their actions will help the rest of the team, and will be working together to hone their skills ensuring the boat performs well. After the morning session the crew will serve a delicious racing lunch on board, maximising the time on the water and discussing the morning's experiences and afternoon objectives with the team. In the afternoon teams put their new-found sailing knowledge to the test in a practical exercise – a series of races around a set course. Guests rise to the challenge of building a winning team, working closely together in pursuit of a common goal.

Who is it for?

Whether you are using sailing to train leaders within your business, build a team working towards a common goal, or to get closer to your customers, team sailing on a large yacht is an effective way of developing relationships in business as well as providing an exhilarating and memorable day out of the office.



Pricing, times and duration

Price varies by yacht, location and group size. Sessions are available over a half or full-day. Please call or make an event enquiry for details.

Minimum Group Size: 8

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