Mini Italian Job AdventureThis is an exciting team building event based on the well known Italian Job film.


This is a once in a lifetime adventure fuelled by a fleet of stunning Minis which you drive! Your objective is to complete a customized 'Italian Job' style adventure following the trail of clues and completing a range of enthralling challenges which will reward successful teams with information and equipment to aid your mission. In addition to the car keys, teams get their hands on a full range of modern gadgets to help them in their pursuit of the gold bullion. The kit includes a Samsung Galaxy Tab to guide your hunt. This has built in GPS state of the art software which sets challenges interactively as you make your way along the route.

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What happens on the day?

Teams meet in a hotel or suitable venue for the introductory scene delivered by Mr Bridger before departing on a mission of intrigue and discovery navigating around the local area searching for vital information. Challenges include breaking into a hidden van and cracking the onboard safe! Teams will also meet shady characters on route, some may help, some may hinder. They all play parts in a brilliant extreme fun script which runs through the events and finishes in a dramatic climax.

The Mini 'Italian Job' Adventure is an action packed day by but for an extra element of excitement we can incorporate a session of off-road racing in old-style rally prepared 1000cc Mini Coopers at an amazing rally venue. Arrive at the Rally Stage in brand new Mini Coopers and hop into their classic rally counterparts for some real race action!

Another exhilarating option is to incorporate a high-speed power boat run. You'll spend half your day navigating the new forest in a brand new Mini, meeting characters and working out clues. The other half of the day will see you flying across the water at up to 50mph on a fleet of matching RIB Powerboats all the while solving problems that will lead you closer to the bullion.

Who is it for?

This is the ultimate Corporate Event and provides enough stories to keep guests talking about the experience for years! Teamwork, communication and observation are all essential elements of this thrilling and very different team event. The Land, Sea, and Air Treasure Hunt could also be used for high-budget luxury Stag & Hen Parties!

Pricing, times and duration

From £250pp + VAT for a full day event. The Mini 'Italian Job' Adventure is available on weekdays and weekends. Price varies by group size and extras selected, so please call or make an event enquiry for details.

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