Stock Car Racing DayReal motor racing, in real racing stock cars on a real racing track!


This event offers you the opportunity to take part in a Stockcar Championship event. You will take part in loads of fantastic racing events - including high-powered Championship Finals and weird and wonderful driving challenges with trophies, commentators, race marshals and pace cars all adding to the atmosphere.

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What happens on the day?

The core of this event is the opportunity to drive BriSCA F2-style Stockcars. During the event, professional drivers and officials provide personalised tuition. You will take part in a Practice Session followed by Heats 1 and 2. Based on points scored in Heat sessions, the steward of the meeting then grids drivers for the Championship Final! Awesome! All competitors receive a souvenir programme with their name in it. Event winners receive trophies. All competitors receive a certificate!  The arrival time for this event is between 9.30am and 10.00am. Total time on-site is around six hours.

Guests also experience a range of extra fun racing events on this action-packed day:

Professionals Challenge
Off road challenge in race-prepared rear wheel drive Sierras Bangers!! Lots of power sliding and seat-of-the-pants competition.

Del Boy Challenge
Against the clock in race-prepared Reliant Robins!! Where rolling and wobbling are all part of the fun!

The Nag Drag
Drive blindfolded around a challenging course with only your partner to guide you, while trying to keep a very lively ball balanced on the bonnet!

The Push-Me-Pull-You
The most challenging car ever built - two engines, two drivers, and two steering wheels! It's "Strictly Come Dancing" in cars: gain marks for artistic merit, as you pirouette your way around the course. The most fun you can have on four wheels - guaranteed!

Stockcar Movie Theatre
A chance to see how the real pros race Stockcars, in our high-powered 20 minute movie.

Who is it for?

Stock Car Racing takes place on weekends through the summer and is super popular with Stag Parties looking for a REAL racing experience. Stock Car Racing can also be arranged as a bespoke Corporate Event.



Pricing, times and duration

From £160pp for a full-day session depending on group size. Sessions are available on selected weekends only. Please call or make an event enquiry for details.

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