School Sports DayTake part in nostalgic School Sports Day games!


Designed to evoke old school memories of the annual School Sports Day, your group will take part in various games like Egg & Spoon Races, 3-Legged Running and the Wheelbarrow Race. These events really do take you way back, as our games are marshalled by a Head Teachers and their teaching assistants in school attire.

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What happens on the day?

Upon arrival at your School Sports Day venue, your group will be divided into “houses” and equipped with coloured bibs and headbands where you will compete against each other to accumulate points. Each team member will take part in some old favourites such as the bean-bag race, space hopper racing, tug of war, relay, egg and spoon race and so much more, while others can spectate and cheer on the others from the side-line. Our School Sports Day Events run all year round and can be organised both inside and outside on sports fields, leisure centres, parks, school halls or at a preferred venue of your choice. You’re also welcome to bring your own food and drink at no extra cost, and prizes will be awarded to the winning team in a presentation at the end of the event. Old-school uniform and sportswear is highly encouraged, and the ‘Headmaster’ will often award best dressed!

Who is it for?

Immensely popular with Stag & Hen Parties who want to reminisce golden memories, and Corporate Groups looking to create a bit of healthy competition out of the office. Our School Sports Day events also work well as a family day out or Birthday.

Pricing, times and duration

From £35pp for an hours’ activity, half-day and full-day sessions are also available for larger groups. Please enquire for more details.

Minimum Group Size 10x

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