Surveillance Spy GamesPlay the role of an undercover agent with realistic surveillance spy games!


The Surveillance Spy Games provide ultra-realistic  scenarios, the meanest bad guys and the sexiest kit. Get the intell. Gather the evidence. Stop the crime. Whether the bad guys are smuggling conflict diamonds, supplying drugs or laundering money we need you recording conversations, getting the imagery and piecing together the dastardly plot that threatens society's fabric. Forget your Bond, Bourne and Bauer - it's all down to you!

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What happens on the day?

An adventure event is four hours long. After the initial welcome and safety briefing we the action starts. You are briefed as part of a covert operations team conducting a surveillance operation against a variety of bad guys. We provide covert radios and earpieces and show you how to use them.  Bring your own cameras, take the best footage and avoid appearing yourself on videos taken by the targets if you can. We'll get you "out on the ground" for about 2 ½ hours and then we want you to come back and meet the targets. Discover for yourself how you got on, download your footage and compare it with our guys'.

Who is it for?

A seriously different take on team-building this event requires sharp wit, great communication, keen observation, and lateral thinking! Also extremely with Stag Parties looking to live out a realistic Spy fantasy!

Pricing, times and duration

From £65pp for a morning or afternoon game (full days available). Sessions are available on weekdays and weekends (price varies by location and group size).

Minimum Group Size: 10

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